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Postunreel is a free AI carousel generator tool that helps you design captivating carousel posts for LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms. It makes it easier to increase social media engagement and grow your audience.

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How Postunreel Carousel maker works?

  1. Postunreel step 1
    Step 1

    Add content and generate

    Provide a topic, text, URL, or keywords that will guide the theme and messaging of the carousel. Based on your input, Postunreel AI will generate a visually appealing and optimized full carousel.

  2. Postunreel step 2
    Step 2

    Customize and preview the design

    You can customize the carousel by including your brand's logo, colors, fonts, and personalized visuals and text for each slide.

  3. Postunreel step 3
    Step 3

    Download and share

    Get your finished carousel in shareable image or PDF formats for effortless publication on various social platforms.

Free AI Carousel Generator for your Social Media


Use our advanced Free AI Carousel Generator to create stunning premium-quality carousels for your social media.

  • Generate Carousels from Topic Ideas:

    Need to have a whole article ready? No problem! Provide a topic of interest, and our advanced system will generate an informative and visually compelling carousel, ensuring your content resonates with your audience.

  • Custom Text to Carousel:

    Provide any text content you have. Our advanced system will transform that text into an attractive, visually engaging carousel format.

  • Convert Article to Carousel:

    With a single click, you can convert your comprehensive, in-depth articles into visually stunning and highly engaging carousel presentations.

Crafting Carousels that Reflect Your Brand's Essence


Personalize Carousels with Your Brand's Distinct Touch Make your carousels truly yours by incorporating your brand's unique elements. This personal touch boosts recognition and engagement:

  • Brand Fonts and Colors:

    Choose from our pre-designed font and color combinations or customize them to align with your brand's aesthetic.

  • Team Headshots:

    Add headshots of your team members to create a relatable, human connection with your audience.

  • Custom Fonts:

    Upload and use your brand's signature fonts to reinforce your identity seamlessly.

  • Brand Color Palette:

    Whether promoting your business or sharing personal stories, our platform empowers you to create captivating carousel content that elevates your social media presence.

Advanced Features for your Social Media carousel creation

Whether promoting your business or sharing personal stories, our platform empowers you to create captivating carousel content that elevates your social media presence.

Postunreel step 1Ready-to-Use Designs
Explore predefined color and font combinations for instant aesthetic appeal.
Postunreel step 1Customizable Templates
Modify templates to fit your needs and save custom designs for future use.
Postunreel step 1Brand Personalization
Upload your unique fonts and color palettes for brand consistency.
Postunreel step 1Multiple Headshot Profiles
Incorporate personal or team headshots, adding authenticity to your brand.
Postunreel step 1Custom Styling
Elevate your carousel slides' visual appeal and user experience by leveraging various styling options.
Postunreel step 1Flexible Exports
Export your carousels in multiple formats, including high-quality PDF and PNG.


Postunreel has completely transformed the way I approach carousel creation. The AI technology is remarkable, and I can now create stunning carousels in seconds!

Social Media Manager

Sarah Jones, Marketing Manager at Fashiony

"Postunreel has become an essential part of our social media workflow. It helps us generate creative and eye-catching carousel posts that resonate with our audience. Plus, the on-brand designs ensure a cohesive look and feel for our social media presence."

David Lee, Social Media Influencer

"Postunreel is a game-changer for content creators like myself. Gone are the days of spending hours designing carousels! With Postunreel, I can quickly brainstorm ideas, generate stunning visuals, and publish engaging content."

Maria Rodriguez, Small Business Owner

"As a small business owner, I wear many hats. Postunreel has been a lifesaver by allowing me to create professional-looking social media content without needing a graphic designer. It's incredibly user-friendly and saves me precious time and resources."

Michael Chen, Social Media Strategist

"Postunreel's AI technology is truly impressive. It generates unique and relevant carousel concepts that perfectly capture the essence of my client's brand. This has led to a significant increase in their social media engagement."

Emily Garcia, Content Creator

"Postunreel is like having a creative partner in my pocket! It helps me overcome creative block and develop fresh ideas for social media carousels. The ability to customize the designs further empowers me to create content that truly reflects my brand."


Have you got questions? Check out our most frequently asked queries.

What is

Postunreel is an AI-powered tool that helps you create eye-catching carousel posts for social media. Provide a topic, and Postunreel generates unique, on-brand designs to elevate your content strategy.

Is Postunreel free?

Postunreel currently offers free unlimited carousel creation, and it's in beta testing. You can check its website for updates on future pricing plans.

How does Postunreel generate content?

Postunreel utilizes AI technology to design carousels based on your chosen topic. It creates engaging copy and stylish visuals tailored to your brand identity.

Can I customize the carousels?

Absolutely! While Postunreel provides AI-generated suggestions, you can personalize the carousels with your edits. You can adjust text, fonts, colors, and even swap out images to perfectly match your brand.

Do I need design skills to use Postunreel?

No design experience is necessary! Postunreel's user interface is known for being user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to create professional-looking carousels.

What kind of content can I create with Postunreel?

Postunreel empowers you to create various carousel content, including product announcements, educational guides, customer testimonials, and engaging stories.

How can Postunreel benefit my social media presence?

Postunreel streamlines carousel creation, saving you time and effort. It also allows you to generate high-converting content that grabs attention, boosts engagement, and strengthens your brand identity.

Does Postunreel offer any support?

Yes, you can get instant support via email or live chat. They're available to answer any questions you might have about the tool.

What file formats can I export from Postunreel?

Postunreel lets you download your carousel designs in either PDF or PNG files.

AI-Powered Carousel Magic

With Postunreel's AI-driven technology, boring carousels are a thing of the past. Create stunning, ever-evolving carousel experiences in seconds that keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.