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How to use Canvas to design and customize carousel

Canvas serves as the main editing area where you can add and edit various design elements, including layout and background patterns, to craft engaging and visually appealing content. The canvas typically includes tools for adjusting layouts, applying filters, adding effects, and previewing how the final product will look on different social media platforms.

Here’s a step by step guide on how you create canvas on Postunreel;

  1. Go to and click on create carousel.

2. Under AI generation you’ll find Canvas

3. The canvas comprised of layout and settings.


You can either choose a classic, boxed or minimal layout as shown in the below image.

Background patterns:

Now comes the background patterns

You can select various backgrounds from the given options and it will reflect on your carousel.

4. You can also select the opacity for your carousel.

5. Under settings option you’ll find Slide settings and swipe settings

Slide settings

You can give your slide numbering in two styles

You can also select roundness of your styling numbers

Swipe settings

You can add bookmark button to your last slide.

You can also use swipe indicator button for your carousel slides to give it a good look. Write your swipe indicator text and choose your swipe indicator icon.

That’s all.

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